Time, rituals, labour

Hello,my name is Vytautas, I am a 4th year student of BA Interaction Design at Glasgow School of Art. If you'd like to explore my practice roam this website. I am currently working on my final year project and would love to collaborate with performers from RCA to realise it. A little about the project:

I am centring my project around an existing object – three notebooks (daily logs), written by my aunt, documenting every day in our family since the winter of 2000. There are 36 categories on each page, topics ranging from cups of coffee to irresponsible behaviour.

I plan to extract data from the notebooks and use it as a basis for small experimental scripts. The recorded data would become a set of circumstances, as would the previous and future day. These would be rehearsed and performed.

The project focuses on rituals as effective methods to make sense of the world, repetition as a source of meaning, as well as the astounding beauty and complexity of human relations in time. The entire work is in part a homage to my aunt, who brought me up, and in whose two working environments – a theatre and a newspaper office – my creative interests were initially formed.

I am looking to meet at regular but generous intervals and develop a performative response/interpretation of my aunt's texts. The project is not paid, but I am hoping to make it stage-ready, to present it beyond the graduation exhibition context.

If you are interested do not hesitate to contact me at vybikauskas@gmail.com